Forum North East 2017

One of my annual highlights in my role as a UCCF Staff Worker is our Forum North East conference. We invest in around 200 student leaders from across the region, leaders who are crucially about to begin their role in CU leadership. Over the weekend, we cover all manner of areas, from heart convictions to practical leadership.

This year, we were joined by a good friend of the CU movements, Matt Waldock. Until recently Matt was part of the UCCF Team in the North West, but now is a church planter based in Manchester.

He shared four times across the weekend, connecting the heartbeat of Joshua 1-5 with the work our CU leaders are about to engage with. It was a privilege to sit with student leaders and receive for myself from these messages. Matt is a gifted storyteller, and these talks demonstrate how God’s word has a real potency for fuelling mission, as I trust this cohort of student leaders will go on to show.

Do give these talks a listen, particularly if you are embarking on student leadership yourself! I’m afraid we didn’t record the readings, but you can get the text here: Joshua 1-5 (NIV)


Joshua 1 – Matt Waldock

Joshua 2 – Matt Waldock

Joshua 3 – Matt Waldock

Joshua 4 & 5 – Matt Waldock


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